Zoom Confidence for Educators

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I’ve been teaching & facilitating online since 2018. I’ve taught interactive webinars, courses and masterclasses and facilitated hundreds of inquiry-led classes, courses and discussions online.

In this class, I teach you how to get over your tech fears, how to create and lead engaging and interactive sessions, help you to get your personality across and feel less camera-shy.

✔️I’ll take you step-by-step through the key elements of Zoom – chat, breakout rooms, whiteboard, annotation and polls – so that you are really familiar with them all and can decide which ones to use to fully engage participants.

✔️I’ll share with you all my tips and techniques on how best to use Zoom to create interactive, engaging and stimulating online classes and sessions

✔️I’ll explain what good online facilitation looks like and demonstrate how to weave interaction and participation throughout your class or programme from the start.

Whether you’re looking to start teaching online for the first time or whether you’ve already had a go (but are still unsure), this recorded masterclass is for you. This class will have you leading Zoom sessions like a pro in under 60 minutes!

Here are the highlights with timestamps for the Zoom Confidence for Educators video:

4.14 Rate your zoom confidence

8.59 Confidence in the Tech

9.33 Zoom settings for confidence - Waiting Rooms, video settings, audio settings, breakout rooms

16.02 Camera confidence

18.10 Meeting settings for confidence

24.02 Zoom tools for confidence - chat, screen sharing, breakout rooms, annotation, whiteboard, polling

38.59 Confidence in your session - how to design for engagement

41.55 Teaching tips

44.48 Lesson plan

48.03 Sharing information

49.41 Engagement

51.35 What if things go wrong?

52.40 Final thoughts & exit ticket

Duration: 57 minutes

Including PDFs

More about me:

I teach people techniques to help them connect with art. I believe art should be used as a tool to slow down, develop our personal and professional skills and think creatively. I love helping people to make connections with artworks and with each other and I’ve made it my mission to empower people through open conversation based on art and objects.

Praise for my other courses

The course was in my opinion perfect – super well-organised and much more personal than I would have expected. Claire, you are a master of making things interesting!

Bjorg Stefansdottir, Director International Office, Iceland University of the Arts

It was a pleasure to work with Claire [..] to be able to use the time during the pandemic restrictions in a creative way and get the best out of digital meeting tools has given us energy to develop new ways of working with our own digital offerings and also plan for future, physical, programmes in the museum.

Lena Eriksson, Nationalmuseum, Sweden

VTM and thinking routines have really changed both the way I teach and the way I help people approach a work of art. The results are outstanding and – on a personal note – I never get bored! Experimenting with new routines really allows you to shape every lesson/facilitation in a different way!

Elisa Mosele, English Language Teacher & Art Facilitator

I love the community you have created: seeing and exchanging views with other museums and different backgrounds is so helpful. Doing one masterclass or class is great, but being a member gives familiarity and constant engagement with the VT community and that creates more confidence.

Dr Eleni Kostarigka, Freelance Educator

I've learned a great deal from you, Claire, in your facilitation skills. And it was wonderful conversing with fellow educators around the world. I feel far more confident in my practice.

Gabrielle Grime, Heritage Education Officer

This has been such an inspiring course. I really feel I have grown from the whole experience. This course has changed my whole way of working/thinking/developing ideas. Thanks so much!

Tali Krikler, Freelance Learning and Participation Specialist at Tali Krikler Learning and Participation

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Video course delivered online plus PDF workbook

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Zoom Confidence for Educators

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I want this!